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Can I Drink Again after Alcohol Rehab?

Most individuals who need to attend alcohol rehab should not drink again afterward, as alcoholism is a serious disorder that has a high chance of relapse, even in those who attend treatment.


After Rehab

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Many people with an alcohol problem need to completely stop” drinking. This means at parties, in small amounts, and in any other type of way or occasion.

This is because people who experience a dependence on the substance especially, but even those who have only abused alcohol in the past, struggle with control. And if you needed to attend a rehab program in order to curb your drinking, you very likely have this issue. Therefore, most doctors would tell you it is much safer to remain abstinent than to try to test the control you gain in rehab by starting to drink again.

The Danger of Relapse  

Especially for alcohol abusers, there is a strong chance that relapse can occur after treatment, even for those who have been very successful in their recoveries for a long time. The widespread availability of alcohol is one of the most serious issues for those who attempt to recover from this disorder, and even those who do not want to drink again sometimes succumb to it anyway.

This is why avoiding the substance altogether is much less dangerous than attempting to return to drinking at a safe amount. For most alcoholics, there is no safe amount, and a relapse back to this kind of abuse after being treated for addiction is serious, especially because of its dangerous and sometimes deadly withdrawal syndrome (NLM). Most doctors will tell you to avoid the risk altogether if you needed to attend treatment for this issue.

Your Recovery; Your Needs

Every individual’s recovery from alcohol abuse or addiction is different, and each person requires their own treatment and aftercare program that fits their needs. You may talk to a healthcare professional who says it is all right for you to start drinking again after alcohol rehab. In general, though, this is not usually the case, especially for alcoholics.

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